What kinds of activities are Bahá’ís involved in for the benefit of others?

The life of a Bahá’í is dedicated to personal and social transformation. Bahá’u’lláh explained that transformation is the true purpose of religion, and He described the personal and social processes as essentially interactive and complementary. Consequently, Bahá’ís are committed to building the capacity of individuals and to learning, through community-based efforts, how better to effect change and improve society. The empowerment of individuals and the fostering of their initiative are thus basic elements of social and economic development processes in fields such as education, agriculture, and health improvement. These efforts are animated by Bahá’u’lláh’s call for the unity of humankind, the fundamental objectives of which include eliminating racial and other forms of prejudice, promulgating the equality of the sexes, adopting a universal standard of human rights, ensuring education for all, recognizing the harmony between religion and science, choosing an international auxiliary language, and establishing a world government. Bahá’ís join others in such endeavors, creating and cooperating with relevant nongovernmental organizations, including at the United Nations where the Bahá’í International Community is an active nongovernmental organization.

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